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Apps, Websites, and Supportive Internet Literacy Resources

Absolute “Go To” Sites…for just about any question, topic, or picture of pedagogy

​Level 5 - First, please bookmark Level 5 to check out the numerous professional learning opportunities John Burns, ISS Director of Innovation and Creativity, creates for us. The thinking and pedagogy profiled in Level 5 events are kindred and edifying to all literacy educators.   

Choice Literacy – This well of wisdom continually offers not only excellent short and informative professional articles but you can access many videos of best practice pedagogy in action. (An annual individual subscription is $99 but you can still access a great deal without a subscription or I strongly encourage each school or district to buy a site license - These are very affordable and provide everyone full access to these edifying resources.)

Edutopia – Superb resource for all aspects of our work as teachers and administrators. I think you will find it especially helpful in gaining updates portraits of CCSS and for a continuous well of technology practices and tools (Edutopia is funded by the George Lucas Foundation. So, the technology profiles are outstanding and cutting edge.).

The Teaching Channel Just as the Mexican proverb advises – To see once is better than to listen many times – The TC gives us the opportunity to observe teachers and students at work. If you don’t find the exact resource you are looking for, check back often as this site is continuously updated from their teacher-authors and from their partnership with stellar organizations such as Developmental Studies Center.

Teachers College Reading and Writing Project – Under the direction of lead author and researcher Lucy Calkins, this is where the Writing Units of Study so many of you have come from and the think tank where so many of our favorite reading and writing learning, teaching, and assessment professional books were developed.

The Public Education and Business Coalition

  • PEBC authors provide impeccable portraits of the why’s and how’s of Workshop Model Learning and Teaching, Thinking Strategies, Assessing for Understanding, Building Community with Students and as Colleagues, and infinite topics of professional study.  The PEBC website periodically offers resources such as study guides and texts for professional book clubs. 
  • Even when our formal collaborations end, please know that we are forever friends and always here for you!

International Reading Association/IRA – which will become the International Literacy Association in 2015

National Council of Teachers of English/NCTE

***And check out the Internet sites and professional organizations listed on the following pages.  If the site is included in this resource, we have and do utilize these.  Please let me know of others you would recommend and have vetted.  Thank you!

Apps, Websites, and Supportive Internet Literacy Resources

ASCD (Numerous resources within this site)

Carol’s Corner (Need a great book – Carol is the best book guide you will ever know! Her writing is gorgeous. One of my all-time very favorite blogs!)

Choice Literacy (Infinite number of excellent resources, articles, and videos within this site – A must have subscription!)

Christopher Lehman  (One of the sage co-authors of Pathways to the Common Core and author of Falling in Love with Close Reading)

Donalyn Miller  (Donalyn is a glorious champion of independent reading and putting compelling books into students’ literacy lives!)

Edutopia (Superb warehouse of edifying resources - Mentioning for a second time here because this George Lucas sponsored site is a complete "don't miss" professional resource!)

Kylene Beers  (Kylene’s writing and thinking always propels my own.)

Laura Benson; and

Patrick Allen (Patrick is the most wise and compassionate teacher and thinker!)

Regie Routman (Such a brave, bold, and brilliant voice)

Teachers College Reading and Writing Project

To Make a Prairie (*Vicki Vinton’s brilliant blog)

Visible Thinking/Harvard University’s Project Zero  (Wonderful connections to Ron Ritchhart’s wise work)                                

*A few intentional repeats from page one are included here as the above highlight literacy resources while page 1 reflects supportive sites for all content areas and literacy across the curriculum as well as to give readers quick reference. 


Carl Anderson      (Carl consistently lights my writing teaching paths! If you get the opportunity to learn from Carl, your work will always be richer for his light and wisdom.  

Katie Wood Ray and (Treasured voice profiling edifying practices)

Mark Overmeyer  (Mark always moves my thinking forward!  Just brilliant!)

Ralph Fletcher and JoAnn Portalupi   (Must read authors about authoring!)

Argument & Persuasive Writing @ Web English Teacher
Includes lesson plans and activities for teaching argument and persuasive writing -- helps develop Web research and persuasive writing skills as they create original works.

Unit Plan Persuasive Writing: Grades 6-12
Students will interpret their thoughts about various pictures, symbols, and slogans; create a visual representation of various feelings and emotions to infer what the advertiser could be selling the consumer; and create an advertisement using the various learned techniques.

ReadWriteThink Lesson Plan: Can You Convince Me?
Through a classroom game and handouts, students are introduced to the concepts of lobbying for something important to them (or that they want) and making persuasive arguments.

McREL Standards Activity: Persuade Me
As a result of this activity, students in grades 6-8 will be able to recognize and use persuasive techniques.

The Basic Principles of Persuasive Writing
This page features an article that outlines the basic principles of persuasive writing, including appealing to the reader's sense of reason, emotion, and good character.

Writing Opinion Pieces About Meaningful Issues to Kids
In this lesson, students identify controversial topics on which they have strong opinions. After examining a controversial issue, students then model their own persuasive opinion pieces after the featured article.

Teachers College Reading and Writing Project

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD)


First Grade Informative Writing Exemplar and Narrative Writing Exemplar

Second Grade Opinion Writing Exemplar and Narrative Writing Exemplar

Third Grade Informative Writing Exemplar and Narrative Writing Exemplar

Fourth Grade Opinion Writing Exemplar and Narrative Writing Exemplar

Fifth Grade Informative Writing Exemplar and Narrative Writing Exemplar

*See ELA CCSS Appendix C/Oregon ELA CCSS Appendix C (Same as above as far as I can tell…)

Kindergarten to Fourth Grade Written Response Exemplars

First Grade Narrative Writing Exemplar

Third Grade Narrative Writing Exemplar

Curriculum Development:  Constructing Units of Study

Teaching Channel


Scholastic’s Lesson Plan Database hosts thousands of completed lesson and unit plans for grades pre-K-12 in all subjects.

Better Lesson, the National Education Association’s lesson plan site, features over 3000 Common Core-aligned lesson plans developed by teachers participating in the NEA’s Master Teacher Project.

Share My Lesson, the American Federation of Teachers’ lesson plan database, contains nearly 300,000 resources created by teachers. You can both upload lessons to share and download lessons from other teachers.

ReadWriteThink is a site developed by the The International Reading Association (IRA) and the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) ReadWriteThink. ReadWriteThink has ELA lessons available for grades K-12.


The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics runs a site called Illuminations, containing lesson plans and other resources for teaching K-12 math.


Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a set of principles designed to consider the success of all learners when planning curriculum and instruction. On the UDL Exchange, you can browse and share lessons that address the variability of all learners.


Assessment Apps We Love


Confer Lite

Running Records

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