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How to Find Social Studies Texts to Deepen Students' Learning, Reading, and Understanding

Putting Inviting SS Texts into Your Students' Hands and Hearts

How to Find Social Studies Texts for Students’ Learning and Reading

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Read widely yourself. Whether as a whole text or from an excerpt, the social studies texts you love can be rich wells of read alouds, independent reading, and collaborative study for your students. As a social studies teacher and coordinator/department chair, this is a habit which has served my husband well for over 38 years and one I adopted from him and absolutely love. Sharing our reading and the way we live our lives as social scientists and historians gives our teaching inviting energy and integrity.

Contact your favorite librarian/s and book sellers. They can offer all of us fantastic, up-to-date book and text recommendations. One of my “go to” support resources are the wonderful book shepherds of Booksource - They are so supportive in researching and developing very specific lists of literature (nonfiction and fiction titles) to support your students’ social studies learning and your instruction. An additional link is offered in tip #5.

Put out the “all call” to fellow international social studies teachers. Ask them to share their social studies text sets and lists with you. This includes asking me J - I will always do my best to help you build a well of inviting social studies pieces for you and your students ( ).

Harvest short and spirited texts. Brochures, song sheets, poems, one-page biographies, newspaper or magazine articles, photographs – Put a “box” on your desktop or office and collect a variety of social studies short and spirited texts over time. Ask your students, their parents, and your community to help you build social studies text sets by letting them know you are searching for a specific upcoming focus/topic.

Social Studies for Kids -

Scholastic offers social studies magazines by grade levels -

Check out these websites and links:

Professional books often offer us meaningful advice about students’ social studies reading and profile compelling books lists. Here are a few for your consideration (I will add more titles over time.):

Building Literacy in Social Studies by Donna Ogle, Ron Klemp, and Bill McBride

Teaching Reading in Social Studies, Science, and Math by Laura Robb

Teaching Social Studies to English Language Learners, 2nd Edition by Stephen J. Thornton and Bárbara C. Cruz

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