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Math Mentors

Authors, Resources, and Links to Support Math Learning and Teaching

Just like the Literacy Leaders well of thinkers and practical tools, I am devoting this spot to collecting and sharing supportive math resources. Please check back as I will update this collection over time.

Additionally, I will build a well of professional resources for each content area over the next many months. If you have suggestions or contributions, please let me know. I would be honored to include you on the ISS Open Book!

Wendy Hoffer, Public Education and Business Coalition

Minds on Mathematics: Using Math Workshop to Develop Deep Understanding in Grades 4-8

by Wendy Ward Hoffer

NCTM/National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Principles of Action

The Math Learning Center

Engage New York

Inside Mathematics 

Joan Boaler

(*Growth Mindset chart will be posted here soon.)

Joan Boaler's "How to Learn Math" Facebook Group

*Check out Joan's books, professional resources, and courses:

@joboale - Twitter

Why is teaching math so different than teaching other subjects?

Woodburn School District Curriculum

Curriculum draft in progress document but portrait of important considerations (Will update this as more information becomes available):


Megan Holstrom, Math Consultant

Onsite and Distance Consulting -

Summer Institutes -

The Place: Professional Learning and Collaboration Environment

Additional Professional Resources, Links, and Tools:

*Like the ISS Open Book blog, the "Mad About Math" Padlet I created for ISS schools offers a continuously updated well of professional resources. If you would like access to a Math Padlet I created for ISS schools, please email me:


*Numerous tools are offered to you in our ISS "Mad About Math" Padlet.

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