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Taking Note!

Supportive Note Taking Strategies and Tools for Students in Grades 3 - 12

Dog-eared pages of texts. Pages aglow in pink and yellow. Sticky notes tucked into the top and sides of so many pages. Our bookshelves reveal our reading histories and journeys. We leave tracks of our thinking when we read. These interactions help us understand.

These thinking habits are vital to share with students. How we work to understand, how we take notes when we read or listen to information, how we talk to ourselves as wrestle with content, especially new or complex content - These are edifying ways to model and practice the work of understanding with students to help them know how to think and write like a scientist, artist, historian, persuasive writer, mathematician, fitness expert, innovator, etc. When students are engaging in the content of your course, here are some ideas. The attached resource reflects some of the ways and tools I use as I model and talk kids through understanding what they are reading, viewing, hearing, and/or learning. I hope you and your students find them helpful - and feel free to innovate these with your kids as note taking is a highly personal task. Taking Strategies LB.pdf?id=44460

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